NEWS ALERT: Ready to Add Corrosion Protection to Deicing Salts This Winter?

Winter brings the recurring challenge of how to keep roads and vehicles safe without inciting corrosion from deicing salts. While regular washing of vehicles is an indispensable strategy for anticorrosion winter vehicle maintenance, a second angle of attack is to add corrosion inhibitors directly to the deicers to minimize their impact. Cortec’s M-605 Series offers three options for doing so.

  • M-605 is a corrosion inhibiting powder designed to suppress corrosion caused by NaCl based deicers (e.g., solid rock salt used down to 15 °F [-9 °C]).
  • M-605 L is a liquid additive for deicer fluids and is especially effective with MgCl2 based deicer (e.g., magnesium chloride used down to -10 °F [-23 °C]).
  • M-605 PS is a powder most effective in CaCl2 based deicer (e.g., calcium chloride used down to -20 °F [-6 °C]). It also contains 98% USDA certified biobased content.

Deicing salts can take a huge toll on salt spreader trucks, personal vehicles, guardrails, and reinforced concrete roads and bridges. By adding an M-605 Series additive to deicers, DOTs and municipalities can offset some of the potential corrosion damage. Contact Cortec® to learn more about the M-605 Series of corrosion inhibitors for deicers.

Cortec’s M-605 Series

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