Allwik Pillows


Adsorb spills and leaking fluids in tight spaces and under persistent drip sources.

• Adsorbs a variety of liquids including water, coolants, solvents, oil, antifreeze, etc
• 2 different sizes to fit any application.

Allwik Pillows Allwik Pillows

Part No. Description Packaging Adsorption Capacity
AW1818 PILLOW, 43 cm x 48 cm 16 pillows/box      105 liters
AW1818-2 PILLOW, 43 cm x 48 cm 8 pillows/box       53 liters
AW99 PILLOW, 22 cm x 24 cm 32 pillows/box       53 liters

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GPS AW1818
GPS AW1818-2