Anti-Skid Liner Board


Description: Cortec® Anti-Skid Liner Board is designed to prevent slippage of cases, cartons, and bags up to a twenty degree slide angle depending on application and type of product being stacked. Cortec Anti-Skid Liner Board is non-adhesive and much more durable than alumina or silica treated anti-skid Liner Boards. This durability allows Cortec Anti-Skid Liner Board to be reusable while providing high tear resistance and burst strength. Cortec Anti-skid Liner Board is non toxic, 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and does not create dust.

Cortec Anti-Skid Liner Board has many packaging applications due to the high coefficient of friction for “Liner Board on Liner Board” and “Liner Board on metal”. This allows the Liner Board to be very beneficial when transporting items on pallets to prevent damage caused by items falling off.

Application: Applications where non-movement of items is critical.
•Liner for pallets
•Liner for shipping containers
•Liner for conveyors that transport paper or metal containers
•Floor liners

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Anti-Skid Linerboard