Corr Seal™ VpCI® Film


Non-toxic, flexible, lightweight, cohesive system available for paper, polyethylene and corrugated packaging.

Application: Corr Seal VpCI® Film protects metal through both vapor action and contact corrosion inhibition. The VpCIs vaporize and deposit on all metal surfaces, reaching even recesses or indentations on the product. Corr Seal VpCI® Film sticks firmly and only to itself, leaving no residue on the packed items. The film creates a positive pressure seal without heat. Corr Seal VpCI® Film is produced from the highest quality LLDPE resin and contains cohesive latex which is formulated with VpCIs for long-lasting protection against corrosion. FEATURES • Protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals. • Transparent and puncture resistant. • Can be used on automatic wrapping lines and cold seal machines. • Provides continuous protection up to 24 months. • Vapor phase action protects recessed and inaccessible surfaces. • Flexible for easy wrapping. • Light weight for low shipping costs.

Protection: Varies

Package: Varies

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CorrSeal VpCI