EcoAir® Wizard Screen Cleaner



EcoAir® Wizard Screen Cleaner from Cortec® safely cleans LCD screens of dust, dirt, and fingerprints with a no-residue, no-drip, spray foam application. This fresh scented cleaner incorporates non-toxic, biodegradable chemicals without traditional aerosols, propellants, or ozone depleting CFCs. Fast acting, dependable, and safe to handle; EcoAir® leads the way in environmentally safe technology. EcoAir technology is approved for use in California.

When applied to glass and plastic surfaces, the spray foam evaporates leaving a thin layer of protection that resists electrostatic charges and prevents the reappearance of dust and dirt. The cleaner cuts oil and grease on contact; does not streak, smear, or leave a filmy residue while maintaining peak operational efficiency for electronic components. The cleaner can be used for commercial, industrial, manufacturing, automotive, and general home office maintenance.

Application: Spray EcoAir® Wizard Screen Cleaner on to a lint free cloth or towel and wipe surface to be cleaned.

• Computer screens
• Laptops
• CDs and DVDs
• Plasma TVs
• Projection TVs
• Personal Digital Accessories

Package: EcoAir® Wizard Screen Cleaner is available in 12 oz. and 6 oz. recyclable aluminum cans, and an 8 oz. Wizard Wipe canister.

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EcoAir Wizard Screen Cleaner