EcoDevice®, Patent Pending


EcoDevice® is a unique biobased VpCI® emitting device constructed from 100% biobased fibers providing an ecofriendly and sustainable option for corrosion protection. These devices are designed to provide corrosion protection for small enclosures such as: tool boxes, control panels, electrical cabinets, instruments and other electronic / electrical enclosures. Each individual EcoDevice® protects up to 42 L (1.5 ft3).

Application: EcoDevice® is simple and easy to install. The devices should be installed as early as possible, preferably during manufacturing or assembly, to avoid the onset of corrosion. Simply select a space within any enclosure where corrosion protection would be beneficial. Verify that the surface on which the device will be installed is clean and free of debris. Peel off the release liner from the back of the device and affix it to the clean surface. For volumes greater than 42 L (1.5 ft3) use more than one device or consult a Cortec representative for product recommendation. Each device will provide corrosion protection up to 2 years from installation; however, if the enclosure is not airtight or if the access doors are opened frequently, replace the EcoDevice more often.

Protection: 42 L (1.5 ft3) per device

Package: 50 individually wrapped devices per

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