EcoPouch® contains VpCI®-609 powder for corrosion protection of ferrous metals and aluminum. The pouches are constructed from breathable Tyvek®, which allows the VpCI® molecules to be emitted through the membrane and form a molecular layer on metal surfaces providing corrosion protection.

EcoPouch® is easy to use: there are no chemical concentrations to calculate, no need for special equipment for application, just determine the number of pouches required per unit space. EcoPouches are also non-dusting providing a clean method for corrosion protection

• Creates inhibiting layer on metal surface
• Provides up to 24 months of continuous protection
• Does not contain nitrites, phosphates, or heavy metals

• Vapor-phase inhibiting action protects inaccessible and recessed surfaces
• Protected products can be shipped to customers without removing protective VpCI® film
• If the VpCI layer is disturbed by moisture or the opening of an enclosed space, the layer is replenished by continuous vapor redeposition
• Little or no surface preparation is required
• Prevents future corrosion of precoated and painted surfaces
• Clean and easy to use

Package: EcoPouches are available as 50 units per carton. Do not store in conditions above 150°F (65°C). Close cartons between uses. The shelf life of unopened cartons of EcoPouches is up to 24 months.

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