IBC Containment Unit


Make your own IBC Containment Unit by connecting multiple 4-drum Spill Pallets

Thanks to the new sump kit also 4 drum spill pallets can be linked together – allowing you to create a containment unit with a sump capacity that is large enough to retain more volume than that of an IBC tank. For example : Connecting 3 x 4-drum spill pallets gives a total sump capacity of 1530 liters. You can thus put up to 3 IBC units on the pallets and comply with the regulations which state that one has to be able to contain 110% of the largest container (1000 liters x 110% = 1100 liters) or 25% of the total volume (3 x 1000 liters x 25% = 750 liters).
• Injection moulded pallets ensure durability and consistent specifications.
• Grate pins prevent bulging walls and premature replacement
• Grates with large openings for easy leak detection and liquid/object removal.
• Forklift & pallet jack friendly for easy re-location of the pallets.
• Sump Drain Kit allows for an economical solution for IBC containment.

IBC Containment Unit

Part No. Description External dimensions Sump Cap. Load Cap.
SC-DP4 Spill Pallet, 4-drum 132 (L) x 132 (W) x 43 (H) cm 510 liters 2273 kg
SC-DK Sump Drain Kit – Install the sump kit to share capacity across multiple pallets.

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GPS SC-DP4 (1)