M-250 Additive to Soluble Oil


M-250 is an anticorrosion additive to soluble oils, which is designed for use with a variety of naphtenic oil-based formulations. M-250 contains emulsifiers which allow this product to support stability of water emulsion (when added to the ready to use emulsion) or to add some emulsification properties to the soluble oil (concentrate).

When M-250 is blended with appropriate base oils and lubricants, the resulting soluble oil concentrate produces a stable oil in water emulsion, that is non-separating and non-foaming ready-to-use metalworking fluid.

M-250 is very compatible with many lubricants such as chlorinated paraffins, esters, and sulfurized fats. It is compatible with a range of biocides and defoamers which can be added to the soluble oil concentrate or working emulsion as needed.

• Long lasting protection
• Does not contain any amines, nitrites, barium salts, chromates, or phosphate-based additives
• High flash point
• Compatible with most oil-based machining fluids
• Provides additional emulsification properties

TYPICAL APPLICATION As an additive to soluble oils, M-250 can be added to the final oil in water emulsions in concentration 0.75% or to the oil concentrate 10-20% based on the dilution ratio with water.

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