MCI® CorteCure®


MCI® CorteCure® is a water-based, membrane forming, curing compound that contains Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor (MCI®). It is made of biobased renewable materials.

It is designed to:
• Retain the hydration water in freshly worked concrete to aid in proper curing and a stronger concrete
• Be easily removed after UV weathering and traffic after 4-8 weeks (depending on exposure)
• Be VOC compliant per European and California regulations
• Provide corrosion protection to embedded reinforcement

Application: MCI® CorteCure® should be applied to freshly worked concrete after surface water glaze has disappeared and surface will not be marred by walking workman (generally about 4 hrs depending on concrete mixture used and application conditions). Do not apply when material or surface is below 40°F (4.5°C).

Stir gently before use. Apply at a rate of 100-300 square feet per gallon (2.45 – 7.36 m2/l). Apply solution by spray (conventional airless or hand pressure spray equipment), roller, squeegee, or paint brush to concrete surface.

MCI® CorteCure® is removable so that the concrete surface can receive subsequent treatment. MCI® CorteCure® is degradable and shall flake off after 4-8 weeks exposure to UV and traffic abrasions. If any coating material remains, it can be removed by a stiff brush and water, or by a pressure wash.

The tools should be cleaned with soapy water while still wet. MCI® CorteCure®

Package:MCI® CorteCure® is available in 5 gallon (19 liter) pails, 55 gallon (208 liter) drums, liquid totes, and bulk.

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