VmCI-307® Powder


VmCI-307® Vapor multi-metal Corrosion Inhibitor powder protects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosion in recessed areas, interior cavities and voids. VmCI-307® provides an extremely efficient dry method to protect metals within an enclosed space. The VmCI vaporizes and adsorbs on all metal surfaces, reaching all exposed areas, including recessed sections and interior cavities.

Application: • Bottom plate protection of above-ground petroleum storage tanks • Tubular structures, pipes and vessels • Internal surfaces of compressors, turbines, engines, tanks, boilers and heat exchangers • Dry lay-up of closed circuit cooling systems • Equipment protection after hydrostatic testing • Cavities and void spaces on ships, barges, offshore platforms, sewage plants, dams, etc.

Protection: Provides up to 24 months of continuous protection

Package: 5 pound (2.3 kg), 50 pound (23 kg) and 100 pound (45 kg) lined drums.

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