VpCI®-386 HT Black


VpCI-386 HT Black is a unique, high heat resistant water-based acrylic silicone primer/topcoat. The complex mixture of non-toxic, organic inhibitors, and silicone compounds offers excellent outdoor weathering and thermal heat protection.

Application: VpCI-386 HT Black can be used as a topcoat/primer. When solvent-based topcoats are applied over VpCI-386 HT Black, compatibility must be checked. VpCI-386 HT Black can also be used as a topcoat with Cortec® VpCI- 374 or VpCI-395 as a primer.

Package: VpCI-386 HT Black is available in 5 gallon (19 liter), 55 gallon (208 liter), liquid totes, and bulk. Keep product from freezing. Avoid temperatures higher than 75°F (24°C) while in storage.

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