CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT #513: District Cooling Plant Preservation

district cooling plantIn 2011, only two out of four proposed district cooling plants had been constructed on a UAE island designed to support more than 100 towers with 1.4 million m² (1.7 million yd²) of office space and 850,000 m² (1 million yd²) of retail/community space. One of these cooling plants needed a mothballing solution for up to two years of layup. The district cooling company adopted VpCI®-649 BD as a long-term wet layup solution that minimized costs while providing the extended corrosion protection required.

Read the full case history here.

Keywords: case histories, district cooling, preservation, cooling system wet layup, preserving cooling systems during construction, corrosion protection, cost effective mothballing, Cortec, water treatment solutions

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