NEWS ALERT: These Anticorrosion Coatings Slow Down Aging on Heavy Equipment!

Heavy equipment is an integral part of everyday industry. It is also an expensive investment, making it critical for equipment owners to extend asset service life as long as possible. Where corrosion threatens to shorten that lifespan, Cortec® recommends several protective coatings to enhance preventative maintenance.

Why Does Heavy Equipment Age Early?

Heavy equipment is often used in harsh environments. Fertilizer loading at barge docks, coal moving at power plants, and material handling at sauerkraut factories are just some of the activities that can quickly age fork trucks and front-end loaders, causing paint to peel and surfaces to rust. Even manufacturers face the challenge of keeping equipment in like-new condition when it is shipped overseas and sitting outdoors in a distributor’s show yard for several months before resale.

heavy equipment coatings

Coating as Part of Routine Maintenance

Two Cortec® Coatings stand out as excellent options for delaying corrosion on heavy equipment. Both can be applied un-tinted over bare and painted metal surfaces or matched to a desired color scheme. Both are water-based and allow for easy cleanup. EcoShield® VpCI®-386 is a permanent coating that inhibits corrosion at a very thin DFT (dry film thickness) and has a VOC of 0.6 lbs/gal (72 g/L). VpCI®-391 is a removable coating that dries to a hazy non-tacky film and has a low VOC of 0.4 lbs/gal (48 g/L). The latter is a great option for shipping new equipment as well as for performing annual preventative maintenance, as it can inconspicuously be left on for extended periods or sprayed off with an alkaline cleaner. Two other helpful maintenance coatings are CorrVerter®, a water-based rust-converter primer that can be used for restoration on previously rusted surfaces, and VpCI®-369, an oil-based wet-film corrosion inhibitor good for moving parts.

Add a Layer of Protection to Assets

Some environments cause heavy equipment to age more quickly than others. Applying a Cortec® permanent or removable coating is a great addition to the normal maintenance routine, providing inconspicuous protection to painted and bare metal surfaces. Contact Cortec® for more tips on heavy equipment corrosion preventative maintenance.

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NEWS ALERT: PSAI Sparks Excitement about Bionetix® Portable Sanitation Solutions

PSAI Sparks Excitement about Bionetix® Portable Sanitation SolutionsIs it possible to be excited about portable sanitation? The team at Bionetix® thinks so—especially after a great response at our first ever PSAI convention in Daytona, Florida!

Diana Di Marco (Bionetix® Technical Sales Director) attended the February 13th-14th Portable Sanitation Association International convention along with Juan Carlos Acosta Morena (Manitu-San), a Bionetix® manufacturer’s rep who recently turned our attention to exciting opportunities in this industry. In preparation for the trade show, we released a new portable sanitation brochure and refined our line of biological treatments for portable toilets under new BIO-BOOM™ branding.

Equipped with brochures and samples, Diana and Juan entered the world of portable sanitation and started listening, learning, and sharing at what is considered the largest show of its kind. The attendance was great and many owners and decision-makers from portable sanitation companies stopped by our booth, expressing interest in the more sustainable technologies Bionetix® has to offer. We also connected with facility managers and other sanitation experts and had a surprise visit from actor Richard Karn (Al Borland on Home Improvement)!

Our time at PSAI was a great first visit and underscores the importance of serving an industry that always needs ways to improve waste handling. We look forward to building stronger relationships with those in this industry and are excited to continue growing our reach. Let us know if you would like to be part of that process and want to learn more about our portable sanitation solutions!

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NEWS ALERT: Enjoy Cooling Loop Croc™ for the First Time This Spring!

Cortec’s newest water treatment “reptile” is approaching its first Northern Hemisphere spring on the market! That means many cooling system operators or water treatment service providers will have the opportunity to experience a better startup with the Cooling Loop Croc™ for the first time. Cortec® invites you to get in on those benefits—even if only for a warm spell—this spring.

Enjoy Cooling Loop Croc™ for the First Time This Spring!

Enjoy Cooling Loop Croc™ for the First Time This Spring!

Corrosion Challenges at Startup

Cooling water system startup means a large rush of highly-oxygenated water will enter the system at a time when the normal operating program of water treatment chemicals is not in place. This can cause pitting corrosion represented by high iron levels in the water and leading to more serious problems down the road. Furthermore, if the weather has only turned warm enough to warrant air conditioning for a few days but is not likely to stay so, it is not worthwhile to add the normal water treatment chemicals that might help protect the system.

Cooling Loop Croc™ to the Rescue

The Cooling Loop Croc™ answers these instabilities by adding a fresh burst of corrosion inhibitors to the system. Each Croc treats 250 gallons (0.95 m³) of water and is packaged in water-soluble film that eliminates direct handling of the chemicals. As the Croc dissolves in fresh makeup water, it releases the corrosion inhibitors and protects against oxygen pitting. It also helps loosen biofilm, allowing for speedier cleanup once routine biocide treatments have started. The Croc can be added to a turbulent area at the time of startup after filling the system and turning on the operating pumps.

Be One of the First to Use Cooling Loop Croc™!

With spring on its way in the Northern Hemisphere, it is not too early to think about startup plans for comfort cooling systems. With Cooling Loop Croc™ seeing its first spring on the market, this is an excellent time to take advantage of a new water treatment technology. Contact Cortec® today to prepare for a better spring startup than ever!

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