PRESS RELEASE: Add Probiotics to Your Toilet Cleaning Routine!

Cleaning toilet bowls is not a welcome task for most people, but it must be done for good hygiene and aesthetics in home bathrooms and public restrooms. The good news is that this chore has just gotten more exciting and effective thanks to Bionetix® International’s probiotic cleaner for toilets!

Toilet Bowl Cleaner + Probiotics

ECO-CLEAN-BOWL™ is a toilet bowl cleaning tablet that adds probiotics to a septic safe cleaning formulation. Initial cleaning action cleans grime and efficiently targets and removes stains including limescale and rust. ECO-CLEAN-BOWL™ neutralizes unpleasant odors and leaves behind a fresh clean scent. But it does not stop there.

ECO-CLEAN-BOWL™ is a toilet bowl cleaning tablet that adds probiotics to a septic safe cleaning formulation.

Leave Behind More Than a Fresh Fragrance

ECO-CLEAN-BOWL™ toilet cleaning tablets are enriched with beneficial probiotics that boost the toilet’s microbial ecosystem—similar to building a healthy microbiota in the human gut by eating probiotic foods and supplements. When applied to the toilet, the beneficial microorganisms of ECO-CLEAN-BOWL™ like to hang around and start building colonies in the bowl, drain, and septic system. These colonies feed on the plentiful organic matter along this path of waste disposal. By doing so, they have many positive ongoing effects, such as

  •  Reducing a food source for harmful bacteria
  • Consuming odor-causing substances
  • Decreasing the buildup of grime and dirt
  • Improving drain flow and septic tank conditions

Easy to Use Toilet Tablets

Better yet, ECO-CLEAN-BOWL™ tablets are easy to use. Simply drop a tablet into the toilet bowl and allow it to fizz and dissolve before flushing the toilet. No scrubbing is required, although a toilet brush can be used for additional cleaning if desired.

Effective Cleaning

Although ECO-CLEAN-BOWL™ tablets are great for use in homes with septic systems because they lack harsh chemicals that would normally harm the microbial ecosystem, they are also an excellent choice for institutional use, coming in packs of 300 tablets per pail. Furthermore, they make an ideal option for cleaning and custodial services that need industrial strength cleaning products but also want to present an environmentally responsible image.

Make Probiotics Work for You

Microorganisms are so small that we don’t see them, but we are affected by them in many ways every day. ECO-CLEAN-BOWL™ captures the positive side of beneficial bacteria for lasting effects in restroom maintenance. Contact Bionetix® today to learn more about adding probiotics to your cleaning routine!

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