PRESS RELEASE: Make the Shift to More Efficient Gearbox Preservation!

Gearboxes are critical to many industrial activities. While good maintenance during operation is needed to ensure continued reliable performance, proper care can be just as important when the gearbox is out of service. Cortec® shares several suggestions for efficient and effective preservation of gearboxes during shipping or layup.

Standard Layup ≠ Best Practice

The traditional method of gearbox preservation is to completely fill the gearbox with oil and hope it will create a sufficient barrier against oxidation. Unfortunately, it is not economical, environmentally friendly, or practical to use such a large amount of petroleum-based material. It is also unnecessary, since Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors offer more thorough preservation at a much lower dose.

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Protection That Goes Above and Beyond

Cortec® oil additives such as M-531 and M-535 HV protect in two ways. First, they fight corrosion on metals in direct contact with the treated oil. Second, they release corrosion inhibiting vapors into the gearbox cavity to form a protective molecular layer on metal surfaces above the oil level. This vapor-phase action means the gearbox does not need to be completely filled in order for all areas to be protected. Benefits include money saved, less oil wasted, and easier handling for workers.

Gearbox Preservation Process

Internals: Before preserving a gearbox that will be shipped or stored with gear oil inside, workers should contact Cortec® Technical Services to check additive compatibility with the oil they use. In addition to matching the right additive to the oil, Cortec® can help workers determine proper dosing based on gearbox internal volume and expected oil levels. If desired, gearboxes can even be shipped or stored completely empty by fogging a small amount of Cortec® additive inside.

Externals: Moving parts on the outside of the gearbox can be protected with temporary, (i.e., removable) coatings. VpCI®-369 leaves behind an oily corrosion inhibiting film and works well for moving components such as gear shafts. VpCI®-391 dries to a non-tacky film and is good for protection of static surfaces. If extra protection is needed for long-term/outdoor storage or overseas shipment, workers may wrap gearboxes in VpCI®-126 HP UV Shrink Film or MilCorr® VpCI® Shrink Film (extra heavy-duty) to get an external barrier with additional contact and vapor-phase protection.

Take the Easy, Effective Path to Preservation

Effective gearbox preservation is imperative to ensure that a gearbox is ready to use and continues to operate reliably for as long as possible. Cortec® VpCI® additives make this process easier, more effective, and more economical than the traditional method of filling the gearbox to the top with oil. Contact Cortec® if you need help making your gearbox layup more efficient.

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