PRESS RELEASE: VpCI®-391: Inconspicuous Removable Coating Offers Convenient Corrosion Protection

VpCI-391 Tractor with front end loader scored feed for cows. View of the side on the background of bales with silage. Necessary equipment for a dairy farm.

Corrosion is an irreversible process that costs industries time and money to deal with the effects. Corrosion prevention is therefore in the best interest of manufacturers and asset owners responsible for covering losses from deteriorating assets. While protective VCI packaging solves many metal shipping and storage needs, it is not always the optimal choice for certain metal shapes or storage/transit settings. When this is the case, Cortec’s VpCI®-391 is an excellent removable coating to consider for temporary or even long-term corrosion protection.

Unnoticeable Dry Film Rust Preventative Coating

VpCI®-391 is a fast-drying water-based temporary coating that dries to a thin, clear, virtually unnoticeable non-tacky film. It is perfect for protecting bare metal surfaces from corrosion in transit or temporary storage but can also be applied directly over painted surfaces. VpCI®-391 provides protection indoors and outdoors and is easy to remove with an alkaline cleaner if desired. These features have made it a popular temporary rust preventative coating that displaces traditional greasy, oily rust preventatives with an unnoticeable temporary protective coating that is drastically more convenient.

Clean, Convenient Corrosion Protection

There are many advantages to using VpCI®-391. In addition to its corrosion protection, the dry, non-tacky surface finish stays much cleaner than traditional oily/greasy rust preventatives that tend to collect insects, dust, and other contaminants on their sticky surfaces. It also weathers much better in outdoor applications. Furthermore, testing has found that VpCI®-391 does not negatively impact weld geometry or mechanical properties of the weld, allowing welders to easily keep surfaces corrosion-free prior to welding without extensive surface-prep hassle.

When and Where to Use VpCI®-391

The possibilities for using VpCI®-391 are endless. Examples include the following:

  • Heavy Equipment
  • Machinery
  • Vehicles
  • Piping
  • Structural Steel

Transit is one period in which VpCI®-391 is beneficial for safeguarding brand-new metal components—whether fire trucks, valves, or front-end loaders—from unpredictable exposure to harsh weather conditions on land and sea. It can be sprayed over unpainted bolts and metal tubes as well as metal wheel rims or entire painted vehicles. Since VpCI®-391 is relatively unnoticeable, distributors often leave it on new equipment until resale.

VpCI®-391 is also great for storage and layup. For example, VpCI®-391 can be applied right over painted railings and equipment on offshore platforms for extra corrosion protection during rig-stacking. Pipeline segments stored in laydown yards may be coated with VpCI®-391 to protect weld ends from rusting. At the time of assembly or installation, the welder can simply clean off the coating or weld directly over it, instead of spending extra time grinding away opportunistic rust that could otherwise set in.

A third purpose for VpCI®-391 is preventative maintenance. For instance, one company that uses front-end loaders to move high volumes of deicing salts or fertilizers has adopted VpCI®-391 as part of their annual preventative maintenance routine. By applying VpCI®-391 over the vehicles once a year during the slow season, the equipment lasts longer and does not look 10 years old after just one year of use.

Effective, Easy, and Inconspicuous

Anyone who needs a dry temporary corrosion protection coating should consider VpCI®-391 as an easy, effective, versatile, and inconspicuous option. It looks good and performs well even in outdoor environments, allowing users the advantage of unobtrusive corrosion protection during the transit, storage, or maintenance phase. Contact Cortec® today to learn more about using VpCI®-391:

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