Boiler Lizard® Plus


Cortec’s Boiler Lizard® Plus is an easy-to-use, two-part complete preservation kit for dry layup of boilers. The kit combines a Boiler Lizard®, well-known for easy and effective dry layup, with the
Boiler Egg™, which activates at the end of layup to protect against oxygen pitting at a critical time until the boiler reaches normal operating conditions. Boiler Lizard® Plus is designed
to provide continuous vaporphase corrosion protection throughout boiler internals after a boiler has been drained for seasonal or long-term layup. The Boiler Egg™ will lie intact and dormant until the boiler is started, then will dissolve and begin to scavenge oxygen and passivate metal during the initial filling of the boiler with makeup water, which is often unheated and not chemically treated.

Boiler Lizard® Plus comes as a kit containing one Boiler Lizard® and one Boiler Egg™, each packaged in its own carton tube (one bag per tube). Tube – 3” D x 37” L (8 cm x 94 cm)
Bag – 4” W x 34” L (10 cm x 86 cm)

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Boiler Lizard® Plus