EcoWorks® Biodegradable & Compostable Films & Bags


Eco Works® are certified biodegradable and compostable flexible films and bags designed to replace many forms of low and high density polyethylene; used in applications ranging from protective industrial films and agricultural films, to retail packaging and municipal waste diversion collection bags. Eco Works® is a range of formulations, not a single product and can be customized to your precise needs.

All Eco Works® formulations are certified biodegradable and compostable per ASTM D 6400 and EN 13432 and can carry the BPI/USCC logo and the Din Certco mark of conformity.

Eco Works® also contains renewable raw materials (corn) ranging from 5 to 70% depending on the formulation and rigidity required.

• 100% Biodegradable & Compostable
• Renewable content (5-70%)
• Leaves no residue in finished compost
• Superior strength, shelf-life, and curb-life
• Appearance comparable to HDPE
• Biodegrades at the same rate as common organic material
• Conversion to CO2 and H20 in weeks under commercial composting
• Ideal for restaurants, schools, curb-side programs and agricultural uses
• Conforms to ASTM D 6400 and EN 13432
• Approved by BPI/USCC and Din Certco
• Can carry BPI/USCC logo and Din Certco mark of conformity
• Manufactured by Cortec Corporation
• Strict adherence to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001-2000 guidelines
• Available throughout the world
Eco Works
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