M-528/528L are the additives for hydraulic fluids used in subsea production control systems. They provide corrosion protection for steel, copper, brass, aluminum, bronze, galvanized steel, and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals and their alloys. M-528/528L prevent corrosion in both phases: contact and vapor.

• Stable in aqueous systems at pH of 6 or above
• Soluble in water, glycols and alcohols; insoluble in hydrocarbon-based solvents; dispersible in oils
• Non-phenolic
• Seawater compatible
• Thermostable
• Was evaluated with good results in Ethylene Glycol/water blend according to IP287 with and without seawater addition
• Falex test data show that anti-wear properties of Ethylene glycol/water based fluid containing M- 528L are excellent
• Biodegradable

• Hydraulic fluids used in subsea production control systems
• Synthetic coolants and cutting fluids
• Industrial cooling towers
• Water based lubricants
• Aerosol formulations
• Alkaline metal cleaners
• Radiator fluid additive

Package: 5 gallon (19 liters) pails, 55 gallon (208 liters) drums, liquid totes and bulk

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