M-645 is a float coat used to inhibit corrosion in vessels containing saltwater or brine. It floats on the surface of the water, forming a self-healing protective film on adjacent metals. The film displaces water containing chlorides from the surface of the vessel. As the water is raised or lowered, M-645 coats every square inch of the vessel’s interior-including ring stiffeners, girders,  piping, and side shells—with a sufficient amount of product to protect against corrosion.

M-645 is ideal for ballast tanks that are frequently emptied and refilled. Because M-645 floats on the surface of the water, the non-aqueous formula does
not contaminate ballast water, allowing for normal discharge procedures. It is also an effective corrosion inhibitor for hydrotesting large aboveground
storage tanks (ASTs).
UFI: SWA0-409N-600K-P6VE

Package: M-645 is available in 5-gallon (19 liter) pails, 55-gallon (208 liter) metal drums, liquid totes, and bulk. To ensure best product performance, store in original packaging, indoors, and out of direct sunlight at 40-100 °F (4-38 °C).
Shelf life: 2 years

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