MCI® Fiber Grenades


MCI® Fiber Grenades consist of both fiber and powders containing Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors packaged in water-soluble PVA bags.

The poly propylene based fibers in MCI® Fiber Grenades add mechanical and corrosion inhibiting benefits. Shrinkage cracking decreased 66%, while the residual strength doubled when compared to concrete alone. The MCI® Fiber Grenades also add extra long corrosion protection because the MCI® is released more slowly. MCI® Fiber Grenades provide corrosion protection from atmosphere and chloride attack, as well as from carbonation.

MCI® Fiber Grenades are recommended for:
• All reinforced, precast, prestressed, post-tensioned or marine concrete structures
• Steel-reinforced concrete bridges, highways and streets exposed to corrosive environments (carbonation, deicing salts and atmospheric attack)
• Parking decks, ramps and garages
• Concrete piers, piles, pillars, pipes and utility poles
• Restoration and repair of all reinforced concrete commercial and civil engineered structures

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MCI Fiber Grenades