• Filled with a mixture of highly absorbent polypropylene, cellulose & super-absorber.
• Now available in 2 different lengths so that you always have the right size for your application.
• Special additive locks in water based liquids in order to avoid leakage.
• Flexible design allows the SOC to fit around any machine, corner or curve.
• Undoubtedly offers the best overall value and absorbency.
Note: Not recommended for use with aggressive fluids.

MS40 MS40 MS40

Part No. Description Packaging Adsorption Capacity
MS40 SOC, Ø 7.6 cm x 122 cm 40 socs/box      174 liters
MS40-8 SOC, Ø 7.6 cm x 244 cm 15 socs/box      130 liters

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GPS MS40-8