VpCI®-150 Adhesive Backed Foam Tape


Description: Multifunctional VpCI® impregnated foam. Provides corrosion protection, cushioning and static-dissipative properties. Multi-metal, non-toxic, nitrite free. 12″ L x 3/4″ W x 1/4″ H (3.7 m x 19 mm x 6 mm).

Application: Operating, packaged and stored electrical equipment; Marine navigation and communication equipment; Electrical and electronic enclosures; Electric motors, AC and DC; Switching equipment, low and high voltage; Fuse boxes and power boxes; Medical equipment; Electrical RF and electronic wireways and terminal boxes; Scientific and measuring instruments; Telecommunications equipment; Remote electronic devices; All conductive leads, connectors and terminals

Protection: 0.4 ft3/in. (.005 cubic meters)

Package: 6 rolls/carton

Product Data Sheet (PDS)