NEWS ALERT: A One Trillion Bacteria Boost for Inefficient Septic Systems

Septic tanks are great inventions for homes or commercial institutions that do not have the convenience of a municipal sewer system. However, sometimes they need an extra boost to support the naturally occurring microbial colony that powers operations. BIOBOOSTER 1T™ is a great way to add one trillion beneficial bacteria to improve the efficiency of the system, especially when threatened by the introduction of toxic chemicals.

Harnessing the Natural Decomposition Process
The whole concept of a septic system is based on natural biodegradation processes. Different types of waste in the septic tank separate into different layers—sludge, liquid effluent, and floating scum or organic material—as they biodegrade. Naturally occurring microbes help break down the papers, oils, greases, and other contaminants in the waste, converting them into clear liquid effluent that then enters the septic system’s absorption area and gradually returns to nature.

Microbial Population Setbacks
Unfortunately, the all-important microbial workforce responsible for waste digestion faces setbacks and sometimes even extermination when bleaches or root killers are used for other septic system problems. Even the daily disposal of household cleaning products or laundry soaps can challenge the health of the microbes. When too many good bacteria die off, the waste digestion process becomes less efficient and more sludge can build up, leading to more frequent pumping and unpleasant odors coming out of the septic tank and pipes.

Replenishing the Bacterial Population
When this is the case, BIOBOOSTER 1T™ is an excellent treatment for replenishing the bacterial population in a septic tank. Each tablet of BIOBOOSTER 1T™ adds one trillion beneficial bacteria to the septic system. These bacteria and bacterial enzyme strains are effective at biodegrading organic material comprised of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. As a result, BIOBOOSTER 1T™ can help reduce sludge and septic tank pumping frequency, reduce bad odors and methane, and improve pipe purification and drain seeping. The same benefits are also available when BIOBOOSTER 1T™ is used as a monthly maintenance dose. BIOBOOSTER 1T™ is also a good option to populate (start up) the system after scheduled cleaning/pumping.

A Simple but Powerful Solution
BIOBOOSTER 1T™ is a simple but powerful solution for replenishing compromised septic systems after chemical shock and continuing a healthy maintenance routine going forward. Contact Bionetix® to learn more about BIOBOOSTER 1T™ and other septic maintenance treatments:

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