NEWS ALERT: Enjoy Cooling Loop Croc™ for the First Time This Spring!

Cortec’s newest water treatment “reptile” is approaching its first Northern Hemisphere spring on the market! That means many cooling system operators or water treatment service providers will have the opportunity to experience a better startup with the Cooling Loop Croc™ for the first time. Cortec® invites you to get in on those benefits—even if only for a warm spell—this spring.

Enjoy Cooling Loop Croc™ for the First Time This Spring!

Enjoy Cooling Loop Croc™ for the First Time This Spring!

Corrosion Challenges at Startup

Cooling water system startup means a large rush of highly-oxygenated water will enter the system at a time when the normal operating program of water treatment chemicals is not in place. This can cause pitting corrosion represented by high iron levels in the water and leading to more serious problems down the road. Furthermore, if the weather has only turned warm enough to warrant air conditioning for a few days but is not likely to stay so, it is not worthwhile to add the normal water treatment chemicals that might help protect the system.

Cooling Loop Croc™ to the Rescue

The Cooling Loop Croc™ answers these instabilities by adding a fresh burst of corrosion inhibitors to the system. Each Croc treats 250 gallons (0.95 m³) of water and is packaged in water-soluble film that eliminates direct handling of the chemicals. As the Croc dissolves in fresh makeup water, it releases the corrosion inhibitors and protects against oxygen pitting. It also helps loosen biofilm, allowing for speedier cleanup once routine biocide treatments have started. The Croc can be added to a turbulent area at the time of startup after filling the system and turning on the operating pumps.

Be One of the First to Use Cooling Loop Croc™!

With spring on its way in the Northern Hemisphere, it is not too early to think about startup plans for comfort cooling systems. With Cooling Loop Croc™ seeing its first spring on the market, this is an excellent time to take advantage of a new water treatment technology. Contact Cortec® today to prepare for a better spring startup than ever!

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