NEWS ALERT: Rust Preventative Maintenance with Food Grade Lubricants

Preventative maintenance (PM) includes small everyday tasks that may seem minor and inconvenient now but offer important benefits in the long run. One of these PM activities is lubrication, which goes a long way to reduce wear and tear on machinery of all types. However, in corrosive environments like the food processing industry, an extra boost of rust prevention with Cortec’s M-533 FG may be needed to carry the benefits of lubrication even farther.

Challenges of Food Processing Environments
Food processing facilities often use high volumes of water, steam, processing chemicals, and even highly acidic foods that can take an early toll on equipment by accelerating corrosion. Rust not only damages machinery but can potentially leak out and contaminate food, as well. Adding a rust preventative to lubricants is one way the maintenance department can slow the corrosion process down, but it is not enough to just order the first product that comes up in an online search. Due to the sensitive nature of food processing, these facilities must follow high standards for food safety, including the use of food grade lubricants due to the possibility of incidental contact with food. Rust inhibitors must also meet high standards for additives that go into food grade lubricants.

Anticorrosion Additive for Food Grade Lubricants
M-533 FG is one anticorrosion additive that meets those standards as an NSF HX-1 registered ingredient for use in H1 incidental contact lubricants. M-533 FG has outstanding demulsification properties and is soluble in petroleum and synthetic lubricant base stocks and most common solvents.* Most importantly, it passes the ASTM D665B “Standard Test Method of Rust Preventing Characteristics of Inhibited Mineral Oil in the Presence of Water, Procedure B-Synthetic Sea Water” at a 0.10-0.20% concentration in white mineral oil and PAO base oils. M-533 FG offers protection on a wide range of metals including carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, tin, zinc, and brass.

Small Steps for Long-Term Results
Small maintenance steps can have far-reaching effects. Even something as simple as using a rust preventative lubricant can have untold benefits by helping equipment last longer. M-533 FG is therefore a great way for lubricant manufacturers to enhance the value of their own food grade formulations or for maintenance teams to amplify the effect of their lubricating efforts. Whether for hydraulic fluids, circulating oils, compressor oils, greases, or gear oils, M-533 FG could be the next best addition to your preventative maintenance plan in a corrosive food processing environment. Contact Cortec
® to learn more about taking this simple step for long-term benefits:

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*It is always important to verify compatibility before use.

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