PRESS RELEASE: The Power of Probiotics for Portable Toilet Deodorization

If given the choice between using a modern restroom or a portable toilet, most people would choose the first option. Yet portable toilets meet a huge need when plumbing is not available. Fortunately for both those who use and maintain these stopgap facilities, portable toilet treatment is safer and easier than it once was thanks to probiotics like those from Bionetix® International.

The Portable Toilet Concept

A line of blue porta-potties springing up in a park often signals the approach of a large social event that needs temporary restroom facilities to handle heavy attendance. Portable toilets also make life easier for passengers traveling by bus, boat owners taking a pleasure cruise, or families driving their RV on a cross-country road trip. In the absence of stationary plumbing, these vehicles and portable facilities use holding tanks to collect the waste that builds up over a few days or weeks until it can be pumped out. Storing the waste means deodorization is imperative. Typically, this consists of adding liquid with blue dye to mask the appearance, fragrance to mask the odor, and chemicals to kill the odor-causing microorganisms. In the past, formaldehyde was used but gradually gave way to the more common use of biocides that were less dangerous.

Putting Beneficial Microorganisms to Work

While some portable toilet treatments still use biocides to kill odor-causing bacteria, Bionetix® is part of a growing trend to use beneficial bacteria that digest odor-causing compounds. These probiotics accelerate the digestion of human waste and toilet paper and can therefore reduce pumping frequency. While they continue to use fragrance and color to mask bad odors and appearances, Bionetix® portable toilet retention tank treatments are 100% biocide-free and do not contain formaldehyde or other harsh chemicals, a huge improvement on methods of the past.

Easy-Add Probiotics

Bionetix® offers several levels of probiotic tank treatment under the PORTA-TREAT™ name. PORTA-TREAT™ P Premium offers the deepest blue and strongest fragrance and is ideal for most situations, especially those with high traffic. PORTA-TREAT™ P and PORTA-TREAT™ P PLUS, each with a different degree of fragrance and color, may be suitable for some lower traffic applications. All versions of PORTA-TREAT™ P come as blue powder packaged in water-soluble pouches that are easy to toss into the retention tank after emptying and cleaning. Most are self-mixing. Available fragrances are cherry, bubblegum, orange, and tutti frutti. PORTA-TREAT™ also comes in a liquid form, PORTA-TREAT™ L, that can be poured into the retention tank.

Promoting a Better User Experience

Whether you maintain a large quantity of portable toilets, or you only use a small camper toilet one week per year, probiotics are a great way to keep the waste and odors of holding tanks under control without using harsh chemicals. Contact Bionetix® to ask about our different probiotic portable toilet treatment options.

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