CorrLube™ Grease


Description: VpCI® CorrLube™ is lithium complex grease formulated with a premium quality, severely hydrotreated base stock. It provides excellent resistance to oxidation and has good high temperature stability. VpCI® CorrLube™ is suitable for both operating and lay-up conditions. VpCI® CorrLube™ is specifically formulated with superior corrosion inhibiting properties against salt water, brine, H2 S, HCl and other corrosive agents. In addition, VpCI® CorrLube™ incorporates vapor phase corrosion inhibitors for areas not in direct contact with the grease.

Application: Lubricating sleeves, Ball and roller bearings,Vehicle / equipment chassis,Fans,Areas greases are applied,Bushings,Pulley bearings, Sliding high-friction areas, Generator end bearings

Package: This product is available in 14.5 ounce cartridges (10 per case). It also available in 5 gallon (19 liters) pails and 55 gallons (208 liters) drums.