EcoFlow® System



EcoFlow® is a two component, single dosing system specifically designed for pipelines carrying water or a mixture of hydrocarbon and water. The EcoFlow® system is a combination of chemicals formulated for optimal benefit of prime additives for water treatment, blended in well determined concentrations to obtain maximum performance.

Eco Flow Inhibitor
• Effective for a wide range of systems and corrosive conditions
• Provide maximum control over long distances for highly corrosive systems having a high ratio of water-to-hydrocarbons, including low areas in systems where water collects and extreme corrosive attack occurs
• Form an adsorbed, protective layer that protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals
• Effective against water, corrosive gases, and halogens
• Vapor phase action provides protection from atmospheric conditions and moisture condensation to areas not accessible by filming inhibitors
• Combines anti-corrosion and antiscalant properties
• Resists to biological attacks
• Environmentally friendly
• Does not contain heavy metals, chlorinated hydrocarbons, or volatile amines

Eco Flow Enhancer
• More than 60% drag reduction depending on conditions and systems
• Increased flow rates while maintaining current operating pressures
• Maintains flow while reducing operating pressures
• Less polymer is required to achieve a given performance
• Lower injections rates than traditional drag reducers
• Faster dissolution rates than traditional drag reducers
• Reduces potential internal corrosion through erosion
• Can be used in two-or-three-phase systems
• Drag reduction achieved in water-oil systems with over 50 % oil

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Eco Flow System