EcoWorks® AD


EcoWorks® AD film and bags are constructed from the latest biobased polymer technology on the market. Designed with the environment in mind, EcoWorks® AD contains 77% biobased content. EcoWorks® AD is designed to biodegrade in marine environments, anaerobic digestion, natural soil and water environments, backyard composting systems, and municipal composting facilities (in areas where these facilities are available).

Finally, a plastic that’s truly environmentally friendly from origin to disposal. EcoWorks® AD film and bags are the first bioplastic products suitable for both commercial and backyard (low temperature) composting. EcoWorks® AD is anaerobically digestible and marine degradable, all without compromising on flexibility and strength! No matter what the disposal method, EcoWorks® AD provides an advantage: In entombed landfills the main benefit is the film’s renewable content. In composting, it allows rapid anaerobic biodegradation naturally and safely. In anaerobic digestion (AD) systems or methane producing landfills (WtE), the film rapidly breaks down in as little as 15 days. Due to its ability to biodegrade in marine environments, EcoWorks® AD provides coastal areas with a technological safety net to further support their legislative and social goals of coastal and marine preservation.

EcoWorks® AD has also been awarded USDA Biopreferred designation for Packaging Materials (www.biopreferred. gov). It is heat, moisture, and chemical resistant making it an ideal film for community organic waste diversion and anaerobic digestion programs.

• Community composting programs
• Anaerobic digestion programs
• Organic waste diversion
• Lawn & leaf bags
• Retail packaging
• T-shirt bags
• Agricultural films

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EcoWorks AD