FlashCorr® VpCI®


FlashCorr® VpCI® is a highly effective, non-toxic, environmentally safe cleaner that removes and neutralizes even the harshest of salt build-up from any metal surface.

FlashCorr® VpCI® represents an environmental and economic breakthrough in corrosion prevention. FlashCorr® VpCI® enables superior protection of metal surfaces from corrosion. It has a unique ability to neutralize and remove salt deposits such as sodium chloride and other deicing salts and naturally occurring contaminants as well as protect from further salt exposure and flash rust.

Application: FlashCorr® VpCI® can be applied using power washers and sprayers.
Mix FlashCorr® VpCI® into water until fully dissolved.

Temperature range: FlashCorr® VpCI® is recommended for use in temperatures ranging from 41°-160°F (5°-71°C).

Package: FlashCorr® VpCI® is available in 100 g (0.22 lb) pouches, packaged 50 pouches per carton.

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FlashCorr VpCI