UN Pads



For use when chemicals and hazardous liquids are involved!

• Adsorbs a wide range of chemicals, including acids and caustics.
• One sided spun-bond gives extra strength as well as lower lint.
• Chemically inert: product does not degrade or cause a dangerous chemical reaction with the adsorbed liquid.
• Green color alerts workers that product is being used for hazardous liquids.
• Green color also allows the user to identify and separate hazardous waste for disposal, resulting in lower disposal costs.
• Perforated for flexibility – tear at the perforations for smaller sized pads to use only what you need.

UN Pads UN Pads UN Pads

Part No. Description Packaging Adsorption Capacity
UN100-E PADS, 41 cm x 51 cm
Medium weight, perforated & bonded
100 pads/box       88 liters
UN1212-E PADS, 30 cm x 30 cm
Medium weight, bonded 4 bags/dispenser box
50 pads/bag       76 liters

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GPS UN1212-E