VpCI®-309 Pouch – Corrosion Inhibiting VpCI® Pouch for Ferrous Metals


VpCI-309 Pouch contains a Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI) powder for corrosion protection of ferrous metals in recessed areas, interior cavities, and voids. The pouches are constructed from breathable Tyvek®, which allows the VpCI molecules to be emitted through the membrane and form a molecular layer on metal surfaces providing corrosion protection. VpCI-309 pouch is easy to use: there are no chemical concentrations to calculate and no need for special equipment for application; just determine the number of pouches required per unit space. VpCI-309 Pouches provide a clean method for corrosion protection. VpCI-309 Pouch provides an extremely efficient dry method to protect metals within an enclosed space. The VpCI vaporizes and adsorbs on all metal surfaces reach- ing all exposed areas including recessed sections and interior cavities. VpCI-309 Pouches are available as a string of 50 pouches. Crimped edges may be cut to form smaller strings or even individual pouches on site. Custom orders are also available.

Application: • Tubular structures, pipes, vessels, and turbines • Internal surfaces of compressors, turbines, engines, tanks, boilers, and heat exchangers • Dry lay-up of closed circuit cooling systems • Equipment protection after hydrostatic testing • Parts, components, and completed assemblies during shipping and storage • Segmental concrete bridge tendons/cables

Package: VpCI-309 Pouches are available as 50 units per carton. Do not store in conditions above 150°F (65°C). Close cartons between uses. The shelf life of unopened cartons of VpCI-309 Pouches is up to 24 months.

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