VpCI®-325 CC – New EU Version Available from CorteCros®!

The EU directive regarding REACH and the registration of chemical substances from outside Europe, along with the shortage of raw materials caused by the war in Ukraine, prompted CorteCros® to start researching and substituting local raw material readily available to them. In doing so, CorteCros® found a suitable alternative directly in Croatia to replace the raw material carrier found in Cortec’s VpCI®-325 rust preventative. A test batch of VpCI®-325 CC was produced using the new carrier, and samples were sent to the Cortec® World Headquarters laboratory in Saint Paul, Minnesota, for testing.

Evaluation Process

VpCI®-325 CC was compared with regular VpCI®-325 and evaluated according to these standards:

  • Product specification must be similar to the existing version of VpCI®-325
  • Humidity chamber performance must be similar to the existing version of VpCI®-325

Evaluating VpCI®-325 CC



Specifications for VpCI®-325 Results for VpCI®-325 CC
Visual Tan to light brown slightly viscous liquid Yellow, slightly viscous liquid
Density 6.8-7.0 lbs./gal (0.8 kg/L) 6.94 lbs./gal (0.8 kg/L)
Non-Volatile Content (Tested for 20 min. at 248 °F [120 °C]) 33.0-42.0% 36.5%

Humidity Testing (ASTM D1748)

Steel Panels Coated with VpCI®-325 and VpCI®-325 CC

eel Panels Coated with VpCI®-325 and VpCI®-325 CC

Photo after 5712 hours of humidity testing.

Based on the results presented above, it was concluded that VpCI®-325 CC fully meets the required properties for corrosion protection. VpCI®-325 CC has a more prominent yellow hue than regular VpCI®-325, but there is no change in the inhibitor package and protection is comparable.

The CorteCros® production and sales team are now making efforts to familiarize customers with the new product, which—judging by preliminary responses—will soon find its place on the EU market!

Contact CorteCros® to learn more about this innovative response to raw material challenges: https://cortecros.com/contact/

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