EcoClean Silver and Gold Cleaner


Description: EcoClean Silver and Gold Cleaner is specially engineered to safely and effectively remove oxides, grease, oils and other contamination from delicate metal contacts of silver or gold commonly incorporated in electrical and electronic equipment. (Testing and use shows superior prevention of oxides/tarnish). Biodegradable and formulated to be free of harsh abrasives and toxic chemicals, this product is worker and environmentally friendly. Additional uses include cleaning fine silver and gold jewelry, silver dining service pieces, and more. Users will find this product provides superior cleaning and protection action and ease of use over other products of its type.

Application: Apply sparingly to contacts or area using a foam or chamois swab dampened with compound. Use a gentle rubbing action to assist cleaning action. Remove excess product and gently polish contacts or area using a clean, dry foam or chamois swab. The parts may immediately be rinsed under warm, running water then buffed dry with a soft, dry, absorbent cloth. Heavy oxidation may require gentle rubbing of the compound before rinsing.

Package: EcoClean Silver and Gold Cleaner is available in 16 oz. (453 g) jars, 6 jars per carton.

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EcoClean Silver and Gold Cleaner