Economical general purpose maintenance pads made with SPC’s new MAXX Technology! A perfect combination of strength and adsorbency!

• Adsorbs a variety of industrial liquids including oils, water, solvents, coolants, etc.
• Highly adsorbent …GP MAXX pads adsorb up to 18 times their weight !
• Thanks to the high adsorbency of our MAXX technology, less material is needed to adsorb more liquid thus you pay less for disposal!
• GP MAXX pads have a smooth surface finish with less lint than traditional single ply pads – looks better and performs better!
• Packed in boxes for easy handling and storage.
• Ideal for industrial applications where low cost and high adsorbency are required.

GP Pad

Part No. Description Packaging Adsorption Capacity
GP100-M MAXX PADS, 41 cm x 51 cm Medium weight, perforated & bonded 100 pads/box        95 liters
GP200-M MAXX PADS, 41 cm x 51 cm Light weight, perforated & bonded 200 pads/box        166 liters

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