MCI® Peel-off Coating


MCI® Peel-off Coating is a corrosion inhibiting, modified water-based acrylic peelable coating. This product provides mechanical protection against nicks, abrasion, scratches, and over-spray to the surface that is covers. MCI® Peel-off Coating can be used to protect non-porous walls, ceilings, floors, windows and light fixtures: one coating can do it all. In addition, MCI® Peel-off Coating provides temporary protection to the metals against atmospheric, salt and chemical induced corrosion. MCI® Peel-off coating represents the ultimate in non-solvent peelable coatings. It is well stabilized against brittleness, and it will not be softened or penetrated by most solvent-based paints. MCI® Peel-off coating has extremely low VOC and meets the most strict VOC requirements. The coating is stripped or peeled away prior to equipment use and will not leave residue.

Application: MCI® Peel-off coating intended as a temporary, removable coating. This coating can be applied by spray, roll, brush, or dip. It provides a clear film which allows for inspection of the surface. The film can be peeled from the surface when it is thoroughly dried, leaving a clean, ready-to-use substrate.

Package:5 gallon plastic pails, 55 gallon metal drums, totes and bulk

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MCI Peel-off Coating